Roofing & Insulation

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and enviromentally friendly, "COOL ROOFING" products and systems available. In most cases, a complete roof restoration can be done without the need to replace the exsisting roof. This saves time and disposal expenses. 

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

The end result is an energy efficient and waterproof roofing system that will last indefinitely with proper maintenance and periodic recoats.

• Reduce roof temperatures up to 70˚F
• Reduce air conditioning costs
• Reduce energy demand by up to 50%
• Highly Reflective , at 85+ %
• Eliminate tear-off and disposal fees
• Install directly to exsisting roof substrates
• Fully adhered, highly wind resistant
• A certified "Cool Construction" material
• Expandable, non-prorated warranties available
• Compliant with all federal, state and local building standards

When it comes to your roof,
insist on a professional!

2011 SPFA Nation Industry Excellence Award